Generator – the AMA has created the world and the egg has divided it into two equal parts, wanting to make two perfect principles of being.
Prior to the time he got out the principle of male, wanting to create your own world, and therefore imperfect principle.
Dogon call it Juruga, pale fox, Serbs Dažbog, the lame wolf (the wolf is the protector Sv.Sava).
Generator of the second half made the perfect creature, God’s Son, at the Dogon – Nomo, the Christians – Jesus Christ.
Using the jaw and tongue as tkačkim Čunko, God the Son is of the four acts clavicle Creator, izatkao whole universe.
Seeing nagom Mother Earth, God the Son of her dress odenuo vlati grass and hid her word.
Wishing to discover the beauty – Dažbog, Holy Spirit, Juruga is made incest (given pulse) with Mother Earth and so has created biological life in the third dimension.
Because the Serbs were the guardians and protectors of wolves (legend says that belong to the Order of the Dragon).
This legend has been preserved and the Dogon in Africa.
It is now much clearer and that the Serbs were founded Rome.
Legend has it that Wolf othranila Romulus and Remus.
All these are old Serbian legend.
Always appears in the Trinity.
Father and two sons, positive and negative actions and reactions, male and female, duality.
Everything was left in the symbols of all centuries and abuse pogrešnbo interpret them.
Everything is interpreted Mary Magdalene – Slavica Šetina researcher, Bible, and I just upgraded and connected to the right and the only logical explanation.


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