The oldest religion is – džainizam.U džainističkim texts mentioned the atomic monad, germs života.One meet the whole world, and the duration imOn is neodređeno.Monade, as the term, was first encountered in Pitagorinoj number theory, and them as the essence, explains the svet.Osnovni elements and the source of all things.
Sholastici platonovci twelfth century monadom are called of God, the only being who is absolutely simply.
Đordano Bruno understands monad (monas) as the substance of things, indivisible at least atoms – each of which I am for myself in the world malom.On says that the most monad monad (monadum monas), and lowest, yet only the substance of things, indivisible substance stvari.Franc Mekurijus van Helmont (1618-1699) writes about monads as the atoms of which consists all physical and all duhovno.Telesno lower level of the falling, and spiritual higher level from which uzdižu.Lajbnic monad is defined as true atoms of nature and the elements of things – a strong external to the svet.One differ by each from their point of view, reflecting different world in its entirety and the continuous focus and desire to opažanja.On his book „Monadologiji,“ he says, „Monad could not start or end differently, but all at once and – start by creating a complete unuštenjem. For him, soul and mind želja.Duša she monad whose razgovetna accompanied by awareness and memory.
Dekart says „when the substance conceive, conceive the one thing that exists, so it needs herself, so that there is. „
The earliest Sumerian-Babylonian epic Gilgamesh, nagoveštava us seed of life, monad – Gilgamesh (reason), Enkidu (instinct).
Gilgamesh overcomes Enkidua, but it does not kill, because killing time base – the matrix that is applied.
Each carries its Gilgamesh and Enkidua.Ep says that the Gilgamesh managed to keep under control their urge reason.
Socrates said: „Overcome the themselves, it is difficult. „
All religions derive from each other and sense them with the message, the same everywhere.
Who has eyes shall see, who has ears Cuce.


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