Pyramids Zvezdana the map of the sky before 12500.godina.Dve pyramids are the same axis and the third differs from that axis and the ULEV pomerena of dijagonale.Njihov mutual position of points on the three main stars in the constellation Orion.
Below Pyramids are installed high-power generators.
Great Pyramid was generator power, a means for creating a state of consciousness and izmenjenih activate higher levels of energy.
Pyramid serves as a sunny sat.Podnožje is composed of stone width 1.365 m, the What is a shadow of the pyramid every day shortened for the same amount, until completely disappears on the last day of the year.
Pyramidal shape things collect and focus energy prostora.Piramide focused energy sent in the cosmos.
The three pyramids represent the three parts čovečjeg brain: NEFES – gmazni, RUAH – sisarski and NESAMA – human.
All that part of the brain has its identitet.Podeljen on the left and right side and are mutually connected inerkomunikacionim sistemom.Leva side analysis, and paper the right.
Great Pyramid is the third part brain – the human.
Inside the Great Pyramid, there are two chambers: one larger and one smaller, at different heights, from which water system of canals, which were built with large preciznošću.Komore represent the depth of human uma.U large, the deepest chamber of the transcendental ego.Tu is being natkriljuje each svest.Tu are hidden power, and key law Stvaranja.Konačna man’s reality is its own glavi.To the top of the stairs, which comes to skill moći.Tu draw hidden reason.
Channels that lead from this Chamber of Commerce show that from the deepest mind goes to the constellation Orion, where one eternal and real svet.U the world we live eternal, mislena body.
Tu is the ninth step, after which it gets completely prosvećenje awakened consciousness.
The smaller chamber and its channels show the star Sirius, which means that in the chamber generates energy, which, as a member Trinity, to participate in the creation of stars.
The foundation of the pyramid are 52 gold ploče.Na them is inscribed fully knowledge
civilization Heleb.
Below the surface of the pyramid base is solid granite mountains, because only such a mountain could endure the weight of enormous Great pyramid.
Heleb built three pyramids, because they wanted to us leave a message to the government in God the Trinity.
All things plant, animal and mineral kingdom is composed of three elements: salt, mercury and sulfur.
Sulfur is neutral and connecting power.
Man is the body, instincts and razum.Čine it positive, negative and neutral energija.Neutralna energy is povezujuća force and makes the first two converted into their opposites.
Man’s psyche, connecting the main body and germs, consists of three parts: conscious, personal and collective nesvesnog nesvesnog.
There are three kinds of forces: gravitational, electromagnetic and nuclear.
God is always expressed only in the Trinity.
Sphinx seal one man’s civilization and the germ composed of reason and nagona.Lik the mind and body of an animal – instinct.
Is taken Leo animals, because then any constellation Leo in the sky, which is preceded the sun appears.


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