Since Adam and Eve, postije father and two sons … and is always so.
Father of two principles, good and bad.
When Cain slew Avelja, Adam son age set, the whom we all lead origin, the Bible.
Father, Son and Holy Du.
Generator has created man to man created God.
By the way funcioniše.
How so up and down.
Father is Creator.
Sin is the perfect principle — positive.
The Holy Spirit is imperfect principle – negative.
Nothing can not function without these principles.
There is action and reaction.
Positive and negative.
I. .. neutral.
Looking at the picture of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ, I thought: God, the Trinity and here!
Jesus Christ was crucified in the middle, between Kiranca Simon and Judas Iscariot.
Say Gospel: … between a robber who repented and another that is regretted.
How are we odvlačili in the wrong direction.
Everything symbolism …
I heard the story of a priest who says that … Judas hang, and that from its womb and Gentiles emerged that tobacco and because tobacco God sin?
What nonsense.
Judas Iscariot is the only temporarily been among the apostles, because he was zilot who swore that sword to liberate Palestine.
I did not hang …
When he returned from India, where he took refuge from the persecution of Jesus esenske clerical community, was killed about 50 of those in the struggle for the liberation of Palestine.


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