Always loved the people and follow the symbolism of numbers.

On the basis of the symbolism try to fathom things and events outside of space and time.

Based on the numbers predicted events and developments, sometimes successfully, sometimes unsuccessful.

Especially the start time deal in the last decades of the last and the beginning of this century.

Ameteri and professionals, all are predicted and some predpostavljali.

Circle and circle various stories.

To small and me dealing numbers.

Galactic circle takes 25920.godina.


They say the sky 9, 9 stairs, divine number, I say 9 dimensions.

Divided as the galactic Round to 5 parts per 5184.godine?


9 dimensions?

The question is what are those 5 parts?

% Dimensions of the sensing program, according to my knowledge, in all other … believe that the irrelevant, and have a lot of literature about it.

But is made error, Galactic circle is divided into 4 parts.



Why on 4 and not 5, as considered up to now?

The first 4 of the world are.

4 seasons have.

4 constellation always get from each of the new foundation of the world.

Always moving from 8 Constellation, and we get 4 more constellations through which passes the Earth axis.

To perform a new game numbers.


1620.godina takes one Constellation, not 2160.godina as astronomers and astrologers closed.

I read the weather period constellations are not the same … and they did not.


A strange coincidence?


There are no coincidences.

Let’s say that today calculate exactly how long one year.

365.25 days.

Let us from it.

365,25:12 = 30.4375 would expected to last a month.

We will this decimal number of 0.4375 to serve for our theory and game numbers.

If the last the creation of Adam and Eve, the Bible tells us, and I was taken for the truth was 8 constellations, then moved from the constellation Cancer.

God has created 6 days 7 is rested.

We have already said that all divided on the 4th

We take 7 x 4 = 28

7 days, 4 weeks, = 28 day lasted month.

Since there were 8 Constellation, it is 8 months.

We have seen that no last month not just a round number, and we will add our 0.4375.

28.4375 x 8 = 227.5 days then took years on Earth.

227.5 x 1620 = 368,550 days lasted one constellation.

With today’s point of view it would look like this.

368,550: 365.25 = 1009.0349 years lasted constellation Cancer from whom started.

Zaokružićemo the 1009th


1 new beginning, a strange symbolism?

Obtaining a new Constellation, always comes to cataclysm on Earth, more or less, and that happens because the Earth changes its orbit and away from Sun.

Now you have yourself to deal with figures and numbers.

28.4375 + 0.4375 = 28.9375 x 9 = 260.4375, etc. ..

It is easy when you have something concrete of which will go to.

To address last constellation Pisces.

30.1875 x 12 = 362.25 something you do not agree? possible, but the country has accelerated its turn with 7.3 Hz to 12.1 Hz.

Anything is possible …

362.25 x 1620 = 586845

586845 : 365,25 = 1606,694?????

In what year we live?

God will know it.

So from the moment of entry Earth’s orbit in the constellation Pisces passed 1606.694? It is moment of Jesus’ resurrection!

But we do not live just in this year, say 2010, to live in 1606.godini, would be cataclysm, a cataclysm does not yet exist.

Maybe we live in and not know?

In what year we live?

If you tell me, I will tell when you will be cataclysm.

If you watch carefully for yourself You will come to a conclusion.

Student Zorz Kivijea, D’obrini calculated that so far has been 27

cataclysms and 28 of Genesis.

It is in a galactic round.

So yet another proof that is a circle divided into 4, not 5 parts.

5 x7 = 35, so no fits.

4 x 7 = 28 is already fits.

Little things prove that My theory – the truth.

So far in this cycle 6480.godina was 6 of cataclysms, left 7, the last.

Until now, all concerned coming Judgment Day.

Taking the number 666 from Jovanovog Otkrovenja, I immediately tell you that this is false Revelation, written under the baton of Esena, and taking the number of 999, and 1666.1999, and nothing happened.




6 x 6 x 6 = 216 = 2 + 1 + 6 = 9

To resolve.


When 2 become 1 go in 6 dimension.

Very simply.

When you match 2 principles, positive and negative, become 1 and goes in 6 dimension.


Everything is very simple, but people are accustomed to complicated.

Jesus said, „Everything the secret will become javno.Sve the discovery of the hidden. „

Nothing is nerešivo when have a real teacher.

I remember that made the right hysteria at the end of 1999, which is us Serbia remained in the memory of the criminal bombing of the world Esena strongmen, for allegedly entering the new millennium.

„I said immediately that nonsense, but now I just understand why this was so.

Powers and adhere to Roman Empire, the Romans did not exist 0

They then made concert at Giza, where several thousand were selected and povlašćenih and Rolingstonsi played with a sound system of 100000w (watts). I think they that the pyramids of Giza, spaceships and want the vibrations to be launched in the cosmos? Hm …

Namaju they still complete knowledge … but that’s their problem.

To return to Jesus birth.

There are many mysterious, but We used the secret, we used to solve them.

First, Jesus is born 32.godine before entering the Earth’s axis in the constellation Pisces.

I was born I had twin brother Tom.

Legend says the creator Nomo made the perfect couple.

The legend is confirmed, but esenskoj community that is not suited, because they believed in jednorodnoga God, and believe today.

Thomas has to be sheltered, but could not deleted it, because he left many clues behind establishing Christianity in many countries of the Middle East and India.

Day and month of birth are questionable, and although Christmas is celebrated 25.12. the Gregorian, and 7:01. by Julian no date has been accurate.

According to my knowledge were born 4.4.32.godine before the new era.

4 + 4 + 3 + 2 = 13

Jesus had 12 apostles and ON. Also 13th

Strange to symbolism.

Clear definition Suppose that the symbols we TRUTH!

Told various stories about Jesus’ childhood and where he was from his 12 years pe is to 30.To secret.

There are no secrets.

Many have found traces of Jesus’ stay in India, some say that those years spent in India.

Not exactly.

From his 12 years Jesus was in Qumran, where he was with John the Baptist, preparing for Year zero, brother, Jacob, the eldest brother of the father, the first Josifovog marriage.

Where was Tom?

In India, where he taught Philosophy East.

Hence confusion that Jesus and before and after the crucifixion of living in India.

Jesus is with Tom, her mother Mary and Judas, after the crucifixion he went to India because he was persecuted esenske of the community, which is released.

This I have already explained You can read the blog:

To return to the past century, to address a few numbers.

4.4.1955.godine on the coast two rivers … the Messiah was born.

The home of pleve and mud, čatmari, the earthen floor, just as described in prophecies.

The question is who Prophecies are described once?

Jesus and Thomas?

Or Tom’s incarnation?

Tom’s incarnation.

What do the numbers say?

4 + 4 + 1 + 9 + 5 + 5 = 28 = 2 + 8 = 1

28 last kataklizma.a After her 1 new genesis.

Everything fits.

Who has eyes shall see, who has Cuce ears.

Easter Od 1875. to 2000. (Church Calendar)

Note: dates are given by Julian (Church) Calendar:

* 1951 apr. 16th

* 1952 apr. 7th

* 1953 mar. 23rd

* 1954 apr. 12th

* 1955 apr. 4th

* 1956 apr. 23rd

* 1957 apr. 8th

* 1958 mar. 31st

* 1959 apr. 20th

* 1960 apr. 4th

* 1961 mar. 27th

* 1962 apr. 16th

* 1963 apr. 1st

* 1964 apr. 20th

* 1965 apr. 12th

* 1966 mar. 28th

* 1967 apr. 17th

* 1968 apr. 8th

* 1969 mar. 31st

Numbers game or a strange symbol, just on Easter Sunday (Easter).

Randomness do not exist.


Five largest Thieves in the world

five is living Perfect Master

his time.

They often steal hearts of people,

and also periodically Steal me

and lowered me down among you.

Again and again I have to become what I am,

and each time it derived from

five perfect Teachers.

Gdegod the incarnates,

(Persia, India, Israel and Arabia)

at any time,

it will always be these five exercises.

Never come by My own wish.

It always comes from five perfect Master

which brings me down (in human form)

during each avatarskog period.

These five held key to the whole of creation —

containing infinite number of universe.

Man can become God —

and people who become God

may become Perfect Master.

Because five Perfect Master

I appear on Earth as a man.

They attract me down

and I experience By itself as a

and also you talking to God —

I am all.

Status Bogo-realization —

Infinite knowledge, Power and bliss —

can not be described.

Can only be known to those

who accept it ultimate experience

conscious state of God.

Realization of God is beyond the reach of reason.

Five perfect Teachers


Divine Comedy Supreme God that I played with him through every corner of the huge field Creations – their own creations, infinitely multiplies in the nature and paradox of fate the most important creature in all worlds: human beings to walk the planet Earth. The overwhelming importance of the task who in God’s universal plan of development and purpose of the universe man there, as well as cosmic glory to him therefore belongs the heritage must be paid also high cenom: immeasurable suffering, pitching and error search through the darkness, through the labyrinth of Creation to light, the last refuge.

Because sparks Svetlost those already awakened and Prosvetljenih were often too high and too far away to help those who batrgaju and pipaju in the dark desire to fathom eternal questions the meaning of existence. One of the eternal ˝ ˝ Damned questions of meaning and meaninglessness of the world in which, with joy or bitišemo difficulty, the question to which the divine and cosmic forces controls and general planetary vasionskim events, retreats strings as in the vast theater zvezdanom creation and destruction – and play as a child, obsessed enthusiasm endless possibilities of existence?

Do not for that Can the Supreme searching all around us, the invisible heavenly powers, ˝ where invisible gods walk ˝? Are we, then, view directing towards the distant and cool stars, which only await our divine pilgrimage, when we walked we zvezdanim expanses of the Gods?

Do not, therefore, searching for the Supreme Force, which plays galaxies, and divine zaneto powers as a child, looking in all directions as long as we limited view of reaching out, not only in itself, its human nature which, like weathered, weak and poor, the only one in the whole of Creation can oboži themselves, rise to a final height of the hidden God and all take control the entire worlds? This is the paradox of the infinite, to being a Saint to be a mirror task of his Creator and his creations, to answer the eternal questions all around track themselves, not only in itself. But this is the price of human nature, that designs in the Universe out of his own inner self, and so controversial.

We live in a time when the Avatar of our Age, Meher Baba, the widest circles posvećenika aspirant and finally confirmed by the fact that the divine the Lord of the universe are among us, more or less known broad masses of walking in their physical bodies and doing their sacred duty of the gradual release of all those who are in the domain of illusion.

This book will, upon the first time in our language, is one of them five, whose We divinely revealed the identity of Meher Baba, the largest of these quintuplets, which dropped Avatara in physical incarnation, chief entire spiritual hierarchy of his time.

Before laid in front of your eyes resume the largest among the people of his time zadržaćemo to clarify the purpose and role of the perfect Teachers, set forth in the Meher Babin colossal part of God Speak * for a fuller understanding the importance and specific role of the perfect Teachers among all other prosvetljenim and poluprosvetljenim Teachers, gurus, saints, sadhuima, sages, yogis, etc.

* The purpose and role Sadgurua can be fully understood only after the basic study of the book God Speaks, translation into Serbian language edition Doblanović Dusan, Ljubljana, 1990

Meher Baba reserves and complements the higher division, the invisible and intangible level, flat the existence of or plans of the Universe at level 7 (coarse, material world not included in this division): The first four are subtle, energy — while graduate, only your physical body, travels on the track involution of consciousness through the 4 levels, offering him a larger and larger power such trials, which are the largest on the fourth level of divine power. The fifth and sixth level of the mental, the plans of the mind, while the seventh level Absolute, the ultimate purpose of all spiritual effort.

Degrees prosvetljenja on the seventh level are as follows: merging with the Absolute man plunges into the divine and only then is lost forever limited ego — In this holy trance disappears celokupnoj awareness creation and the very it all disappear in the worlds Ništavilu (state Majzooba). Only God is seen as the three basic attributes of God – infinite power, Infinite Knowledge and Infinite Bliss. After four days such a trance prosvetljeni ever leaves the physical body and karmic circle stapajući with the general existence. In this case, is not reserves the infinite individuality.

If after four day comes to leaving the physical body, Absolute Awareness returns in it, and gets the awareness of the outside world through the physical senses. And as a man and as God prosvetljeni simultaneously experiencing Infinite Knowledge, Power and Bliss, but they are not used (Paramhans, Jivanmukta).

Third state achieve the smallest, Perfect Master (Qutub, Sadguru): They live as man and God at the same time, experience infinite power, Infinite Knowledge and the Infinite Bliss and the only thing they are used for the benefit of the entire Creation, all the world and mankind.

It is important to note that man can only make progress spiritually incarnated in a physical body as a carrier of consciousness, which contains all seven levels and all worlds, as Mikrokosmos.

˝ In each cycle time, which lasts from 700 to 1400 years, there are 11 era, which lasted 65 to 125 years. Duration of the era, as well as the duration of the cycle depends on material, spiritual and sveopštih circumstances. ˝ * These cycles can be compared with the aeon or round – New Age Vodolije, for example — as widely known.

* God speaks, pp. 269 – ˝ Meher Baba on the hierarchy ˝

In each era acting hierarchy consists of a 7000 spiritual beings (whether advanced or perfect). Advanced beings are, or on the the first six levels, or between them, and are perfect or Sadgurui — Teachers, or perfect Majzoobi, prosvetljeni seventh level. In each the first 10 era there by 5 living Sadgurua (Qutub), of which one of their chief (Qutub-e-Irshad).

In the eleventh, the last era of one cycle of 5 Supreme Sadgurua (Qutub-e-Irshad) ceases to act as such, the moment when the Avatar (ie Savior) personally assume their divine service Hristostva. Toward Thus, in every era there are always five perfect master.

This is the top spiritual hierarchy by Meher Baba .**

** Conference on celokupnoj spirilualnoj hij; rarhiji the part of the whole God Speak, pp. 269

In celokupnoj hierarchy of the key role of 5 Sadgurua and Avatara toward mankind and the whole of Creation, to be called here all visible and invisible worlds that exist. To understand the general meaning of existence Creations of God and man in it, it is important to understand that the process the evolution of consciousness (in seven phases: from stone, through metal, plants, worms, fish, birds and animals), then the reincarnation of a man and Finally involution of consciousness, or the return of man to God, self-knowledge, etc, through the whole of this endless game of creation, transformation and destruction, God has knowledge of self through the consciousness of man. To Absolute and eternal God, who is his own existence nesvestan know him, comes to the creation of the entire Creation, with all possible diversity of living creatures and all material and immaterial. It is the only sense of the world and man as the crown of Creation.

Sadguru or Perfect Master Man-God (ie, a man who becomes God) and he had to pass through the process of acquiring self-consciousness in the evolution and involution, and Avatar the God-Man, or God directly becomes man without passing through a process of evolution and involution.

˝ Perfection is not belongs to God as God nor man belongs to the man .. . Perfection when we are conscious and harmonious blend of the final (man) and infinite (God) .*

* God speaks, pp. 149, fusn

˝ Fri perfect Teachers realized the arrival of Avatar (Christ, to be) on Earth and, Thus, the arrival of the first Avatara on Earth was not possible without the five Sadgurua that enable this coming. ˝ **

* God speaks

Also, Meher Baba the first time reveals the mystery of endless depths of time – ˝ Avatar the first individual soul, which, from the evolutionary and involutivnog process emerged as Sadguru, and He is the only Avatar who manifested and to be ever manifest. Through him, God is the completed his first trip to the nesvesnog conscious deity, respectively, for the first time he became unconscious man to become aware of God. ˝ *

* Besede, Chapter ˝ ˝ Avatar

So, according to Meher Babi, 5 perfect Master to fully prosvetljeni in physical body experience the infinite power, infinite knowledge and endless Bliss (Sat-Chit-Ananda) and used them as the top spiritual hierarchy not only our planet but also the entire Creations. Sadguru has the power to control the entire divine energy, which is the basic form of expression in the first 4 subtle levels, and the entire divine (universal) Mind, or thoughts, desires and emotions, as a manifestation of the mental levels. Sadgurui its endless Can manage all intangible kingdoms and creatures, as well as all the stars and planetary all Universe (through its agent in the internal plans), one In short, the divine game (lilotri) and illusion (Maya).

Five Perfect Master, which then exist and act in an appropriate avatarskog period of time, individually and together, lead to Avatara landing. Ispoljavajući his infinite grace and love for all who live in the dark illusory life in Creation, they apply their infinite power and grace to speed up this coming and provide to Infinity Real and eternal, the endless God reduced in Onostranom express condition of the Earth in the illusion, and through its Infinite Power, Knowledge and Bliss hired Reality the most appropriate cover ˝ ˝ illusion in the form of the male human form, to the deity Reality show to be the most obvious world of illusion. ˝ „

Leave feedback you, you start to judge and think.

To return numbers.

If 1955.godine the birth of the Messiah, why nothing has happened to 1988?

Messiah was not awake.

We got another one year of life.



2 + 7 = 9


4.aprila 2010 Easter (Easter).


No chance.

55.godina life.

5 + 5 = 1


4 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 0 = 11

Say numerolozi to 11 means a lot, this leaves them to address.

We will be dealing

4.aprilom 2015.godine.

4 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 16 = 1 +6 = 7 CREATION

Can be as follows:

4 + 4 = 8

2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 8

8 8

Milankovitch said that changes occur after 100000.godina.

25920 x 4 = 103,680

It was close.

Everything is as predhodnoj picture.

All symbols and numbers.

In this my theory has a lot of symbolism … and randomness.

Whether coincidence there?

To you to judge.

During which the we will all show and prove.

3.Isus said: Let him who seeks not cease to seek until we find and when found, will be disturbed, and since be disturbed, and Divic vladaće of all.

Savior said, „Brother Thomas, Hear me when you have time on this the world that I discovered these things are considered in their heart.
Having said that you are my twin brother and a true friend, preispitaj
Know yourself and who you are and what you were or what will be.
Since you called my brother, does not need to be deprived of knowledge about yourself.
And I know that you have gained knowledge, but because you spoznaoda me I have knowledge of the truth, so far koračaš beside me even if it does not znaš.Već you have come to the knowledge, and you will be called „Whoever POZNAJE THEMSELVES“because those who did not know him not ništa.Ali know, the one who know him but came to the knowledge Only about depth.
Because of this are, therefore, you, my brother Tomo, what video is hidden from the people, what they are angry, because you do not know .

It is true only one.

To you to decide that you will accept.

Remember all game.

Children through game grow and sazrevaju.

Lost We are what we were when we were children.

… And remember to start … to play.


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