People have always liked him and follow the symbolism of numbers.

Based on the symbolism of the tried to fathom the things and events outside of space and time.

Based on the numbers predicted events and happenings, sometimes successfully, sometimes unsuccessfully.

Especially the start time deal in the last decade and the beginning of this century.

Ameteri and professionals, all are somewhat prescient and presumed.

Were circulated and circulate various stories.

In a bit and we should consider numbers.

Galactic circle takes 25920.godina.


They say the sky 9, 9 steps, the divine number, I say nine dimensions.

Divided as the Galactic Round to 5 parts per 5184.godine?


9 dimensions?

The question is what is the 5 parts?

% Dimensions of the sensing program, according to my knowledge, all other things … believe that the irrelevant, and you have a lot of literature about it.

But it is error, Galactic Circle is divided into 4 parts.



Why not at 4 to 5, how considered up to now?

The first four of the world are.

4 seasons have.

4 constellations always get from each of the new foundation of the world.

Always moving from 8 Constellation, and we get 4 more constellations through which passes Earth axis.

To derive a new game numbers.


1620.godina takes one Constellation, and not 2160.godina as astronomers and astrologers closed.

I read that the time period constellations are not the same … and they are not.


A strange coincidence?


Randomness does not exist.

Let’s say that today calculate exactly how long is one year.

365.25 days.

Let us from it.

365,25:12 = 30.4375 would expected to last a month.

We will make this a decimal number of 0.4375 to serve for our theory and game numbers.

If the last the creation of Adam and Eve, the Bible tells us, and I was taken to truth, of 8 constellation, means we have started the constellation of Cancer.

God has created 6 days 7 is rested.

We have already said that all divided on the 4th

We take 7 x 4 = 28

7 days, 4 weeks, 28 = day lasted months.

Because of 8 Constellation, it is 8 months.

We have seen that no month does not last just a round number, and we will add our 0.4375.

28.4375 x 8 = 227.5 days then lasted for years on Earth.

227.5 x 1620 = 368,550 days lasted one constellation.

From today’s point of view it would look like this.

368 550: 365.25 = 1009.0349 years lasted constellation Cancer from which we started from.

Zaokružićemo the 1009th


A new beginning, a strange symbolism?

Obtaining a new Constellations, always comes to the cataclysm on Earth, more or less, and this happens because the Earth changes its orbit and away from Sun.

Now you have yourself to deal with figures in the numbers.

28.4375 + 0.4375 = 28.9375 x 9 = 260.4375, etc. ..

It is easy when you have something specifically, of which it will go.

To address last constellation Pisces.

30.1875 x 12 = 362.25 somewhat disagree? possible, but the Earth has accelerated its turn with 7.3 Hz to 12.1 Hz.

Anything is possible …

362.25 x 1620 = 586 845

586845 : 365,25 = 1606,694?????

In what year?

God will know.

So from the moment of entry Earth’s orbit in the constellation Pisces passed 1606.694? To the moment of Jesus’ Resurrection!

But we do not live just in this year, say 2010, to live in 1606.godini would be cataclysm, a cataclysm does not yet exist.

Maybe we live in and not know?

In what year?

If you tell me, I will tell you will be when the cataclysm.

If you follow carefully your own You will come to a conclusion.

The student Georges Kivijea, D’obrini calculated that so far there were 27

cataclysms and 28 of Genesis.

This is a galactic round.

So yet another proof that is a circle divided into 4 rather than 5 parts.

5 x 7 = 35 so it does not fits.

4 x 7 = 28 is already fits.

Little things prove that my theory – the truth.

So far in this cycle 6480.godina of it 6 cataclysm, left 7, the last.

Until now, all engaged the coming of Judgement Day.

Taking the number 666 from Jovanovog revelation, I must tell you that this is false Revelation, written under the baton of the Essenes, and taking the number of 999, and 1666.1999, and nothing happened.




6 x 6 x 6 = 216 = 2 + 1 + 6 = 9

To resolve.


When 2 become 1 go in 6 dimension.

Very simple.

When you match 2 principles of positive and negative posts 1 and moves to the 6th dimension.

That is the SOLUTION GORDIJEVOG knots.

Everything is very simple, but people are accustomed to complicated.

Jesus said, „Everything the secret will become javno.Sve the discovery of the hidden. “

Nothing is unsolvable when have a real teacher.

I remember that made the right hysteria at the end of 1999, which is us Serbia remains in the memory of the criminal bombing of the world powerful Essenes, for allegedly entering the new millennium.

He told me immediately that nonsense, but now I just understand why this was so.

So powerful is sticking Roman Empire, the Romans did not have 0th

They then made concert at Giza, where there were several thousands of selected and povlašćenih and Rolingstonsi played with a sound system of 100000w (watts). We think they that the pyramids of Giza, spaceships and want the vibrations to be launched in the cosmos? Hm …

Namaju they still complete knowledge … but that is their problem.

To return to Jesus’ birth.

There are many mysterious, but We used the secret, we’re used to resolve them.

Firstly, Jesus was born 32.godine before entering the Earth’s axis in the constellation Pisces.

I was born I had a his twin brother Tom.

Legend says the creator created the perfect pair of Nomo.

The legend is confirmed, but esenskoj community that is not suited, because they believed in jednorodnoga God, and even today believe.

Thomas has to be sheltered, but could not erase it, because he left many clues behind establishing Christianity in many countries of the Middle East and India.

Day and month of birth are questionable, and although Christmas is celebrated on 25.12. the Gregorian, and 7.01. by Julian no date is not correct.

To my knowledge, were born 4.4.32.godine BC.

4 + 4 + 3 + 2 = 13

Jesus had 12 apostles and ON. Also 13th

Strange to symbolism.

Clear definition Suppose that the symbol can be the TRUTH!

Were told many stories about Jesus’ childhood and where he was from his 12 years pe is to 30.To secret.

There are no secrets.

Many have found traces of Jesus’ stay in India, some say that those years spent in India.

Not exactly.

From his 12 years, Jesus was at Qumran, where he was with John the Baptist, preparing for Zero year, his brother, James, the eldest brother of the father, the first Josifovog marriage.

Where was Tom?

In India, where he taught Philosophy East.

Hence the confusion that Jesus and before and after the crucifixion of living in India.

Jesus is with Tom, her mother Mary and Judas, after the crucifixion he went to India, because he was persecuted esenske of community, which has been issued.

That I have already explained You can read the blog:

To return to the last century, to address a few numbers.

4.4.1955.godine on shore two rivers is born … the Messiah.

The home of the chaff and mud, čatmari, the earthen floor, exactly as described in prophecies.

The question is when Prophecies are described once?

Jesus and Thomas?

Thomas’ or incarnation?

Thomas’ incarnation.

What do the numbers say?

4 + 4 + 1 + 9 + 5 + 5 = 28 = 2 + 8 = 1

28 last kataklizma.a After her 1 new genes.

Everything fits.

Who has eyes will see, who has ears would hear.

Easter the 1875th 2000. (Church calendar)

Note: dates were given by Julian (church) Calendar:

* 1951 apr. 16th

* 1952 apr. 7th

* 1953 mar. 23rd

* 1954 apr. 12th

* 1955 apr. 4th

Born 1956 apr. 23rd

* 1957 apr. 8th

* 1958 mar. 31st

* 1959 apr. 20th

* 1960 apr. 4th

* 1961 mar. 27th

* 1962 apr. 16th

* 1963 apr. 1st

* 1964 apr. 20th

* 1965 apr. 12th

* 1966 mar. 28th

* 1967 apr. 17th

* 1968 apr. 8th

* 1969 mar. 31st

Numbers game or strange symbols, just on Easter (Easter).

Randomness do not exist.



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