SERVANTS Their masters

In Nowadays, people think they have a full freedom, because they can not talk about even against prdsednika or the King and Queen.

That I can say that those in power such or just the.

Not recognizes the humanity in his cramped brain area, are limited and directed that the generations routed initiated and when and what to say.

Not realize that they all impose and to begin to accept as their own.

Of 1776.godine, when Adam (the coincidence choice of names?) John Vajshaupt again discovered the „Protocol of Zion Philosopher, „was all mankind imposed.

For centuries before that the Catholic Church, the Jesuits the black pope, destroying all those who they thought his head.

For centuries thinkers were burned at the stake, destroyed changelog plague, and all interests.

World lords of the strings from the shadows retreated and played other people’s lives because they government provided the people of Religion, and the church manipulate the news.

Track the genealogy of Jesus Christ.

For public say that the son was homogeneous, that was not married, but they are far from the eyes public track and starali about Jesus offspring from his marriage with Mary Magdalene.

All These were games for mankind, games they are levied.

In secretly listened to the descendants of Jesus and fulfill all their orders, because The Catholic Church was the main perpetrator.

Catholic Church and the Pope, who imposed himself as a only God’s envoy to the country, and he was a servant of his master, but servant who was publicly exposed and who people believe.

Lords were and are still in the shadows, because they are public eksponirali, fell to leverage their power – VERA.

Behind All wars have stood the mighty master, who were flown on both sides, which were caused by these wars and conflicts.

In background of the conflict were the interests of and a demonstration of power.

Servant their masters are odrađivale job „A Fistful of Dollars“.

Religion are designed to make it easier manipulation people, because man is not convinced razmišlja.Njemu the cramped space is razmišljanja.Njemu all served for centuries and it will in the name of VERE to die, to sacrifice, to kill others, because he believes that doing the right thing, that he will be forgiven …

So humanity has become its servant master.

All wars, and these to this day, they started faith and are guided by the religious wars.

For centuries trained in obedience, people just executing the orders of their masters.

The Church was created in Jesus’ name, and stoking conflicts because all other faiths declared sects.

People he considers their VERA rights, not realizing that a terrible mistake.

Not understand people, because it is limited, trained dog.

People a terrible mistake because it was imposed that it is free!

Many consciously work for a handful of dollars „for their lord, but there are those who consciously work, even though most?!

In conversation with a friend, Milan Vidojević – the biggest Serbian, even European, writer and researcher conspiracy and esoteric, we come to a common conclusion that the hodgepodge of programs, to B92, „Paranormal Serbia“, directed directly against me.

Commissioned I’m in there I’d be papazjaniju discredited, because these people nemisleći Now associated with fraud.

I He was surprised that Vanja wrote against SLOBODARSTVA!?

Advised me that I would not dare so public that express the truth! servants because of their master immediately attacked the truth, because has p (l) aćenika that in every way trying to discredit me.

TRUE must not reach people’s consciousness.

Humanity must remain dormant.

Humanity must be the servant of his master?

Humanity to live in the illusion and a lie, because if become aware, if he wakes up, it will become free and managed to lose his power!

Many Rett conducted in order to stifle the free Thought and destroy the human conscience, and all that battles were lost, because God has given freedom of the people, „suffer the yoke of oxen, and not people „.

On end of the 20th century and early 21.veka, humanity had fallen into slavery, economic.

Manipulation and cause economic crises, people become servants of their masters.

Think masters of the world to finally win and prepare for the final triumph of 21.12.2012.godine, when the world to present false Jesus Christ, who was born 1979 and to eventually dominate the planet Country and to destroy five sixths of humanity …

Think and imagine, and are not aware that they will again if suffer a defeat and will for all time to disappear from the stage, because the Lord God not afford to suspend FREEDOM people!

MAY And for me to kill as Jesus Christ, BUT NEVER THOUGHT FREE!


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