1st When izneseš your attitude, you do not vređaš others already have stav.Drugi have strange ideas.
2nd Eyes and ears poisoned your dušu.Razmišljajte that what you see and hear.
3rd A man hears what he wants and sees what he believes.
4th Self-realization man brings balance.
5th Discover yourself and the universe are revealed.
6th Beard and hair were sitting not doing the wisdom, and even less knowledge.
7th In the search for truth, most of them know zaluta.Malo.
8th Fear hampers ljude.Oslobodite elixir of love is fear.
9th Wise people talk about themselves, others another.
10th The facts and fears waking up only infidels.
11th Do not go to the sick, because they become even bolesniji.Negujte healthy, because many will become
even healthier.
12th I did not the church or ecclesiastical entity that would be courted to you … I am a man of truth, which
can and you do not like, but it’s true.
13th Twisted minds to serve the lies, and rinsed – naive, nasedaju to these lies.
14th You and lots of books to read, but that awareness can only uzdigneš pokajanjem.Što
the first wake up, before you become aware of ourselves and the Lord God.
15th When I spit, are you aware of when they spit.
16th The eyes are the mirror of the soul, zagledajte little in their eyes.
17th As above, so below.
18th Often you discover the splendor of rust underneath, but even more often under the glow discover rust.
19th For everything in life you have to izboriš, especially for your soul.
20th If you believe in a miracle, a miracle will happen.
21st When you speak the truth are not believed because they are accustomed to lying.
22nd You can be my friend, if you do not believe in the Lord God, if you do not repent for sins
past life, if not doing a good moral in this životu.Ja you can, because I am
23rd The creators have ideas and things, and others criticize.
24th That the Lord wanted us to be circumcised, we would yield nothing like that.
25th While you’re lying itself is not dangerous … dangerous to another station when you begin to ubeđuješ
your lies – the truth.
26th Each generator is defined as a mission … to know, but many people with the knowledge
imagine that they are above the Creator.
27th Do not treat the consequences, but also prevent the cause.
28th Stop praying … zahtevaš.Moljenjem begin to seek alms, and the Lord is your
given the right at all.
29th Respect the man who you had put faith, love, hope and truth, and the rest I’ve gotta be
30th Though I have heard that does not mean that I accept your opinion.
31st To make spiritual progress deals with them and not others.
32nd Prevent the cause that would not have cured the consequences.
33rd When the wise man said, much is heard in time and space.
34th Think what you want, because they’ll be achieved.
35.Osmeh costs nothing and means so much.
– ON enriches those who receive it, rather than impoverishes those who give.
– Takes a moment, but the memory of him once forever.
– No one is rich enough to make him miss, or is so bad that it deserves.
– He makes people happy, facilitates their work, and an obvious sign of friendship.
– Provides a home tired, discouraged returning courage.
– Worth a lot and can not be bought, borrowed, or just give ukrasti.Može
or receive.
– If once you meet a person who no longer smile, be generous, give her your own, because
nobody feels the need for such a smile, as those who can not give it to others.
36.Ne seeking gold on the other side, what is there about you and the tebi.Otkrij it.
37.Kada you think that you have reached the zenith, look around you … and you’ll see that you are.
38.Projektuj yourself in the future, the future pretoči in the present, when the present becomes
past, will become the future.
39.Lepota in mind, body, health, and success and satisfaction in helping others.
40.Da someone would find out what you know and you should find it and learn.
41.Pij water from the source of wisdom, from which they drank and sages.
42.Nemoj be a wolf among the sheep, but a lion among lions.
43.Ne podcenjuj anyone that would not be podcenjen.
44.Ne precenjuj anyone, because you will be podcenjen.
45.Ne sažaljevaj neither myself nor the other, for compassion and self-pity lead to depression.
46.Za everything in life you have to izboriš, especially for your soul.
47.Kada look into his soul, spoznaćeš who you are.
48.Kada zalutaš in the quest for the truth, go back to the beginning and start again, that tragaš.
49.Ako fall arise, because he did not fall into disgrace, shame if you do not try to get up.
50.Ruka that gives is always above.
51.Usklađenost and peace in the soul the way for the Lord God.
52.Kada do a good deed, do not expect zahvalonost, because then you’re being sold.
53.Pazi what you think and say that, because it can and that you realize.
54.Drugima does what and what not you expect them to do so.
55.Traži d o Lord God what you need and you’ll get.
56.Samo in material things be modest.
57.Osmeh is the most expensive thing in the world that can not be bought.
58.Ljudi the hypocrite, everyone will pity you, but they will not help you.
59.U Serbia, success is not forgiving.
60.Umišljeni imagine, and wise thinking.
61.Kada izjednačiš positive and negative and neutral do that, postaćeš perfect.
62.Ne nazivaj the Holy Spirit, Dažboga, the devil, because he can not forgive the blasphemy.
63.Okruži better and wiser than myself, just so you can thrive.
64.Ako are fools, and I stood you to become a fool.
Generate 65.Ne my characters and statues, for I am in you and around you.
66.Kada to repent forgive sebi.Kada praštaš others are doing well yourself.
67.Tuđe sins can not erase.
68.Ne steal another time and you do not let him steal second.
69.Možeš lie to itself and the unbelievers.
70.Glava used for reflection, not for decoration.
71.Ljudi to decorate, to trick others.
72.Nametnutom Vera najlaše be manipulated.
73.Mogu and the life that you take it away, but I’m in your soul.
74.Mudri people can not remain silent, because silence would hide the truth.
75.Ćutolozi are surrounded by lies, speech to reveal their ignorance.
76.I sinful thoughts I hear.
77.Svet is kind, what did you have created.
78.Postao you sin sexually, because you ran away from me.
79.Ne you can pobegneš the labyrinth.
80.Samospoznajom stižeš to me.
81.Karakter build through various lives.
82.Telo the clothes of the soul, disposable.
83.Spoznaj its positive past.
84.Samo action, turning a dream into reality.
85.Ako expect from others to help you, you will never succeed if you help others,
You’re right path.
86.Ne let you destroy snove.Budi strong, unwavering.
87.Prati guiding star, learns from mistakes and strengthen.
88.Ne expect others to do so, but you are to be adventurous.
89.Mudar man is one who knows the knowledge for themselves, but one that brings the wisdom of others.
90.Možeš to love and want to Sedis, and you wait and you’ll never meet, if not pokreneš.
91.Ko quickly grasp the wisdom shared with others.
92.Mudrost share with others and you will be yet wiser.
93.Biti firm – is to think.
94.Biti successful – meaning correctly.
95.Ko you show confidence – you put him to the truth.
96.U life there are many roads, only one is real – at the end of his insights.
97.Što before you realize – probudićeš out.
98.Što the pr wake up – you will be happier.
99.Nije satisfaction in the material, but in the spiritual.
100.Ne criticize – it helps.
101.Ne lies – but show.
102.Sit hungry not believe, but they both believe in the wise.
103.Šegrti craft steal from the masters and you are wise people.
104.Svi we were born the same, decide who we are.
105.Tvorac gave you everything.
106.Slobodu will acquire the wisdom.
107.Promene happen, they predict, posmatraj them, change and enjoy change.
108.Kada you do the hardest thing – promeniš yourself – you will be closest to God.
109.Pamet stičeš birth, life and wisdom.
110.Od truth you can not pobegneš, which you reach before the better for you.


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