My dear friends,
cordially thank you , but we ask that you no longer fight for my rights, my freedom, my faith, for my God!
Aeons you are organized and the union to protect me , to guide me , to cut me loose.
Aeons have committed atrocities in my name.
Aeons are other abuses inflicted on my behalf .
Aeons are organized by country on my behalf .
And now the end of time and space are organized many NGOs , states, parties , schools , law , religion and religion , all in my name.
For all this, thank you , but do not anymore.
Of these people the law only criminals and those like you have used .
Since your system has been educating people all dumber and dumber .
Your party and the faith and religion deal people , all for your profit.
Only your and those in power have become saints and sages.
Only your and those who are with you are protected.
So thank you and do nothing more to do on my behalf , but in their own. ,
because you have the “ lice we have naški !
You work for your and I’ll be in my God.
Work for your master, and I will for me.
Thank you to DO MORE to do anything in my name , but in MY !


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