Well you see the writing energy vampires … who are they?
These are the people in your life that come and say „Oh my sweet just to let you know what I did … blablabla … „
It are precisely those people who do nothing but complain about everything and everyone, and that of which they live, because it feeds their low gmazni part of consciousness …
They will skillfully steal time nerve, energy … everything.
Such persons are samosažaljevaju other pity , no initiative to help, to do something …
Such people should ignore .
Do not even anyone to pity that samosažaljevate …
You will say that I’m egoist you say so , and I’ll answer you that you are mistaken, because the mix compassion with pity.
Merciful naturally help ( heal the sick, saving in various disasters , etc … ).
Compassion and self-pity leads you into depression .
the only remedy for this action .


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