CONSCIOUSNESS and conscience

CONSCIOUSNESS and conscience


Something may be consciously or unconsciously …

Some operations and moves doing so, consciously or nesvesno.To is that in you which you can not you control.

Awareness reaches all visible and invisible things.

With elevated consciousness can you control and clear and invisible.

Some things conscientiously doing or negligent … or good or bad … so by law or in contravention of law … by the rules or against pravila.To is what is subject to measurement, because it is according to the laws and regulations or by them.

Many people who are embedded within the prevailing rules and dogma, put conscience above the consciousness?

Conscience could to be false, but consciousness can not.

Conscience that can kontrolišeš, but consciousness can not.

False teaching, church, religion gave the wrong definitions imposed by the people.

Many, most mankind, not thinking about it and accepts All they served, for a healthy almost …


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