This image shows the faithful the relationship of humanity to everything that has happened, is happening and what will happen.

People are always trying to escape from responsibility by the „Brigo my yarn to another.“

All kinds were created social and political – social systems only to escape from the responsibilities and obligations.

Management is left to a small group of people, just because people would be able to point at someone the finger of responsibility.

As mankind moved away from its inception, where he was only first among equals, as is increasingly fleeing from responsibility.

You, Weak, who were elected to govern, they began to impose their laws and rules, in order to survive in power.

In the beginning was associated rules and laws, religious and secular, but the time between them and they began to fight for power and privileges.

Elected leaders, spiritual and secular, with their relatives and selected helpers, took a right that only they know and have a right to know, knowledge and truth.

The leaders have taken the right to be mediators between God and men.

Between truth and people.

Over time, the descendants of these leaders, and gain material wealth, so that the „modern“ world with absolute power.

The intertwined their way through various covert mystical society and spiritual and secular.

In today’s age it all came to the fore. All of their stupidity.

Leaders have an absolute privilege and power.

Forget the world leaders, dumbbell, the leader has a responsibility and obligation in addition to the privilege and honor.

To be smart and wise would not have figured out, leaders have served humanity all sorts of fighters and non-governmental organizations as well as fighting for the rights of people.

People all framed.

False leaders, false religion, false science and scientists.

And the creator of all sick and tired and came down like a man on the ground to be on your skin and satisfied in all of human stupidity.

And be assured.

But listen to the lies of humanity, not the truth.

But people are blind to the truth.

People are so steeped in lies and deception to think that they created the Creator – God, not on them.

Current and upcoming events in the country denies them.

False leaders and world leaders, many things are hidden behind the lie that they served to control the weather and trouble.

Through lies on low-frequency generator – HAARP-in.

Lie served through the exodus from the earth’s orbit and space exploration.

Through a lie made the time machine.

The launch of all these lies and participate together science and the church.

All that work by manipulating people through secret societies and organizations, through the false prophets and prophecies, through fraudulent and false spiritual leaders, through their mass media.

An truth that the creator wrote it and no one can hold.

Few have pulled his head from the sand and recognize the truth and accept it.

Others will like the ostrich with cover images.

They will demand their rights, and Bezace liability and obligations, as they have learned through the system.

They will think and will want to avoid them all.

It will not.

Humanity is waiting for its end.

The Solar System and this sun waiting for its end.

And it’s all so close.

I will soon.

This is the final act and the curtain descends.

The life is impossible BRIGO GO TO MY SECOND „.


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