Based on the artifacts found
creators of the new world order have made series „Smallville“ and created a god Kal El.
They created a contemporary story about Christ and all the prophets and messiahs, and put into series.
All you are doing and what they plan to do the human race passed through the season of ten.
Since the crystals are made, the crystal fortress on the North Pole.
They used various symbols in the series which have taken eons and remained in the paintings and reliefs, all over the world.
From the fertile imagination „fifteenth“, which has not gone beyond the fourth dimension of visions, are placed on the moving images are not something we know how to explain.
Anyone who has watched the series, and was sent to the symbols could all understand and connect.
„Fifteenth“ the leader of top-secret group of „Labyrinth“ and in my opinion and I wandered into a labyrinth from which it can not find a way out.
More intelligent than the average man, but is far from the wisdom and raised awareness, which leads to absolute truth and freedom.
In every decade over the past two hundred years ago, there was a person or group, which is more advanced than others, and immediately convinced that the God scratched his jajcima …
Think of Weishaupt, Paik, Crowley, Steiner, Blavatsky, Lame, Ošoa, Castaneda, Ajka and many others …
I am grateful to them for their vision and research, because all this has helped me to close my popcorn and mosaics to reach the absolute truth and freedom.
Were collected and robbed the world of symbols , fought wars and killed millions and billions of people , and failed to resolve any symbol that it is properly explained.
Everything is simple and it is perfect. Solution Gordian knot is what the Creator has given.
When they realize that no gods on earth, that all men and there by a man, and that might raise awareness.

Један одговор на “GOD OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER

  1. Da Očinstvo Višnjega Probudi Sinstvo Bratstva
    Volio bi da se nadjemo i razmjenimo živu riječ

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